Octopus and Swordfish Battle

  Octopus and Swordfish Battle I just love to draw animals and the octopus is one of my favorites. It is playful, colorful and can be used in many different ways such as attacking a boat or having fun in

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Sweet Happy Father’s Day

  Sweet Happy Father’s Day I alter a picture of a Golfeado (a traditional Venezuelan dessert) for father’s day. The client wanted to illustrate that a gift made by a child for his dad. Therefore we

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Hamster Design

  Hamster Design This illustration was made for a couple who adopted a hamster and what better way to celebrate his arrival to the family than having an illustration of him? The concept behind it was to

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Winnie Perú

  Winnie Perú The name of this character design is Winnie Perú and it is based of one of the character emerged during Escuela de Nada’s podcast. They are making something called EDN Got Talent in which

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Bee Happy

  Bee Happy During the pandemic is important to follow the example of the angry penguin and the BMX bee to stay physically healthy but, it is also important to stay mentally healthy by following the

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Professional BMX Bee

  Professional BMX Bee Here is how a simple bee drawing can become a professional BMX player… Or at least it tries. Info Digital Color Procreate date2020   live

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Angry Penguin

  Angry Penguin If you are thinking about a design for your team, a mascot will be a good way to give a personality to your group or sport just like this angry penguin character representing a football

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Allergic Cat

  Allergic Cat This cute cat became allergic to humans after the pandemic, so he decided to build a fortress to keep his distance from the world. Info Digital Color Procreate date2020   live

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Subway Animals

  Subway Animals If you use public transportation, you will observe some humans behaving like animals, or at least some really distinguished people are on sight. It is almost like making a trip to the

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Wise Mushroom

  Wise Mushroom As many illustrations this one started as some lines on paper, then it became a mushroom drawing and later I had the theory in my mind of what if there are many parallel universes? I

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