Dog Mascot Illustration

  Dog Mascot Illustration The client was looking a logo that also could works a a mascot to represent a bikers group. We created this character based on the client’s dog, looking for a tough image and

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Breast Medical Illustration

  Breast Medical Illustration This illustration was a proposal for a client that was looking to represent one of his medical services in a banner for his website. Info Digital Color Procreate and

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Cats in their Kingdom

  Cats in their Kingdom Here we have Mia and Simba, a couple of cats that have a whole kingdom just for them. The client wanted to represent their cats’ personality by having Simba, the fat cat that is on

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Crazy Cats for Christmas

  Crazy Cats for Christmas Gaty and Apolo appear in my illustrations again. This time, these cats make a disaster during Christmas! We were looking to represent them as cats being cats. Climbing the

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Cute and Crazy Cats Illustration

  Cute and Crazy Cats Illustration An illustration based on a couple of cats. The client wanted to represent the personalities of their pets. One of them, Gaty, is really cute and loves to eat while

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Female Athletes Illustration

  Female Athletes Illustration Fleete wanted to create an illustration that reflects the overcoming and journey of female athletes. They started as field tracking running, so it was essential to use that

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Fleete Roster Banner

  Fleete Roster Banner Team play and support is an important part of Fleete philosophy. So we wanted to create a banner for their website that represents supporting and females of any kind. I decided to

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Fleete Mentorship Banner

  Fleete Mentorship Banner Fleete asked me to create a banner for their mentorship page. We wanted to represent athlete women supporting each other to reach a common goal: To succeed. We wanted also to

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Outer Space Pattern Design

  Outer Space Pattern Design If you could travel to any planet, which one would you visit? Fortunately, we can travel with our imagination so I create this illustration to explore different colors and

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