Tiger Chef

  Tiger Chef A logo of a brand can be abstract, it can be a figurative icon or it can even be an illustration. In this case, a grilling restaurant called Golden Fire wanted to have a character as part of

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Venezuelan Travel

  Venezuelan Travel A website called 6 Grados, asked me to make an illustration of an article about Venezuelan immigrants. They wrote about the travel that some of us have to make in order to leave the

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Accountant Character

  Accountant Character There are many everyday heroes like doctors, firefighters, or even an accountant. This character design represents one of the many heroes in the office, the person who is in charge

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Seafood Restaurant Logo

  Seafood Restaurant Logo I created this character design as part of a logo and identity of a seafood restaurant. We wanted to represent that in a friendly way by creating a human and a fish character. In

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Turtle Character

  Turtle Character Remake of one of my old illustration; showing my own progress. Info Character Re-Design Photoshop date2019   live

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Fleete Logo

  Fleete Logo / Character Design Character and logo design for a female athlete plataform that connects female athleles around usa. Info Logo Design Illustrator date 2019   live

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Fleete Website Icons

  Fleete Website Icons Illustrated icons for the website of Fleete, a female athlete plataform that connect female athletes around usa. Info Icons Design Illustrator date 2019   live

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  Mermaid Design Character design forming a C shape. Info Character / Logo Design Illustrator date2019 Aditional Info Adaptable for logo design.   live

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Italian Chef

  Italian Chef Character and logo design for a delivery service of italian food. Info Logo / Character Design Illustrator date2019   live

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Baby Shower

  Baby Shower Character Character design for a baby shower of a motorcyclist family. Info Character Design Photoshop date2019   live

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