Wise Mushroom

  Wise Mushroom As many illustrations this one started as some lines on paper, then it became a mushroom drawing and later I had the theory in my mind of what if there are many parallel universes? I

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Mexican corgi

  Mexican Corgi This corgi is ready to bring us joy with his hat decorated with bones (or nachos), your choice! Can you think of other personalities to illustrate your corgi? Info Digital Color Procreate

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Happy dog with a bone

  Happy Dog with a Bone Our pets are always happy if we offer them a lot of food, right? Just like this happy corgi collecting bones for his meals. Bon Appetit Buddy! Info Digital Color Procreate date2020

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Cute Corgi Drinking Coffee

  Cute Corgi Drinking Coffee Who does not want to have their cute pets with them at all times? I know I do! And that’s why this cartoon corgi is made for: To honor the unconditional love that those cute

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Portrait of a unique bird

  Portrait of a Unique Bird Every character design must be unique and different. Just like this though but soft bird illustration. What character do you think would represents you the best? Info Digital

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Taking a Holiday Break

  Taking a Holiday Break. Santa left his work for a second to celebrate during the holidays. Info Digital Color Procreate date2019   live

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Dragon Character

  Dragon Character An illustrations inspired in a baby dragon that lands wherever he wishes. Info Digital Color Procreate date2020   live

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Diosdado Cabello problems

  Diosdado Cabello problems. An illustrations inspired by an article of "El Chiguire Bipolar" Info Digital Color Procreate date2020   live

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Tshirt Beach Design

  Tshirt Beach Design A combination of a couple of beers, a coconut and beach elements to print on a t-shirt. Info Appareal Design Illustrator date2016 Aditional Info Custom designs avalaible upon

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