Venezuelan Travel

A website called 6 Grados, asked me to make an illustration of an article about Venezuelan immigrants. They wrote about the travel that some of us have to make in order to leave the country by land.

It is a long trip that takes several days from Venezuela to Peru (or other destinations). Until Peru, you have to pass 2 other countries: Colombia and Ecuador. And you have to take as little as you can carry with yourself.

We decided to make an illustration that reflects what those bags can and cannot carry, like food and memories. Those two elements sometimes go together like a snack that we put into one of the luggage called Flips. It is a typical Venezuela snack that we can carry on our trip but it won’t last long and it would become a part of our memories until further notice.

We wanted to represent a sad but true story that many immigrants could reflect on.


  • Editorial Illustration
  • softwarephotoshop
  • date2018

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