Avila Pop Up Card

I’m from Caracas, Venezuela and one of the many memories that I have from my city is “El Avila”, a mountain that surrounds Caracas. There are also few buildings that were part of my childhood like the “Coca-Cola building” or the “Nescafe” one; none of them exist anymore because socialism took them down.

Other structures still exist today like the iconic building of “La Previsora” which tells the time, “The Obelisk” in Altamira or “The Caracas Tramway” that take you to the top of the mountain. All of these structures are in poor shape due to the existing government.

Besides all the chaos that might exist in Caracas, or Venezuela, we, the citizens, always find joy and happiness and that is just what the macaws mean to me. I create this illustration to honor those macaws flying all over my city to bring joy, happiness, and color to such a chaotic city.


  • Pop-Up Card
  • softwarephotoshop and cardstock paper
  • date2019

Aditional Info

Custom designs upon request.


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