Amazon Listing for Tesori d’Oriente USA

  Amazon Listing for Tesori d’Oriente USA We designed every listing of every product available on Amazon from Tesori d’Oriente. We wanted to highlight the ingredients and benefits of their products while

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Spray Tanning Pal’mar Logo Design

  Spray Tanning Pal’mar Logo Design A spray-tanning called Pal’mar wanted a logo that represent the brand. She wanted to use something tropical but sophisticated. I decided to combine a golden drop

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Every Sauce Logo Design

  Every Sauce Logo Design The client wanted a logo for his food related business. He wanted to represent a distribution chain focused in sauces for fast food businesses such as hot dog and burger places.

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CITYarts 2021 Journal Design

  CITYarts 2021 Journal Design I designed a magazine as part of the material for the 2021 annual gala of CITYarts. This year’s theme was “Masquerade” because this was the first gala after one year of lock

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Publishing Agency Logo Design

  Publishing Agency Logo Design The client was looking for logo for a publishing agency. He was clear about the design from the beginning, he wanted a yellow chair inside a black circle. He also wanted to

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